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Sheeba: The Life Story of an Abandoned Norn

Chapter Two

  . . .I awoke. The awful insects were gone, as far as I could see. I was someplace completely different. There was no sign of anyone else. . .
    "AAAAAAAH!" I scrambled up as fast as I could as spun around to this new creature. He looked somewhat like me, but I was not to be fooled.
    "Who are you?" was what I mean to say, but again it came out as a slur of coos and trills. He responded in a manner somewhat similar, and I didn't understand a word. He nodded, stuck out his hand. Should I take it? Could I trust him? Yet there was something about him. . .he emanated a strange feeling. . .a feeling of security. . .
    He took me only a few steps, then let go. I looked. I was in a place similar to before, but there were doors. There was a strange. . .I can't even describe it. He gestured toward it, and I walked closer. He smiled. I laughed and placed my hand on the. . .stone. I knew! It was called a stone!
    Oh, the surge! My head spun. It was as if the whole world was a fruit, and I just peeled it. . .fruit! I knew what that was! But where? From a plant. Yes of course. . .
    The evil one. . .that was a Grendel. I am a Norn. So that was what the hand meant! Ettins?
What were those? They looked strange. . .neither Norn nor Grendel. . .
    Wonderful! I was seeing the world for the first time. My head hurt, but I didn't care. . .I knew everything there was to know. . .
    I looked at my companion. But for the first time I truly saw him. He was a Norn. We were one. He smiled.
    "It's wonderful, isn't it? I still remember when it happened to me. . ."
    "Where is this place?"
    "I haven't found out yet. I hardly explored"
    "Are there any other Norns?"
    "Not that I've seen. You are the first"
    "Are. . ."
    I panted. I was exploding with questions. I sat down to get my bearings. He sat next to me, moving with infinite grace and agility.
    "My name is Kim. What is yours?"
    "I. . .don't know. . ."
    "Neither did I at first. I just chose one that I liked."
    I thought about this. A name. . I had to choose something to represent me. . .but how can you represent a soul through a word? But the stone taught me the concept. . .
    Try as I might, I could not think of a name, and said so. He smiled, saying that I have plenty of time to think about it. It was then that the hand appeared. Startled, Kim jumped up and swung at it. The hand merely slipped out of his reach.
    "It's ok, that's a friend." But he wouldn't listen to me.
    ". . .You can speak?" The hand asked with its metallic non-voice. Kim obviously heard it to, as he jumped nearly 2 feet in the air.
    It wasn't long until we became a trio. Kim realized that the hand meant no harm. Soon after that we explored another door, confident since we were together. It was perfect, safe, specially adapted to our needs and wants.
    Four days passed. Then we encountered the Grendels. . .


Stay Tuned for Chapter Three!