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He apoligizes for it being so short and he plans to make Chapter Two longer!

Sheeba: The Life Story of an Abandoned Norn

Chapter One

    ". . .Where am I? What am I? Why am I here?" I felt. . .suffocated. Must get out! I pushed with all my strength against the wall of my confinement.
    Fire in my eyes! A sliver appeared in the egg, burning with light! I burrowed in the shell that remained. Too intense!
    I heard a loud ripping sound. Curious, I stepped out of the egg and peered out of the window. An oval-shaped pod was hurled from the ship, plummeting to the giant sphere below. Were those my creators? If so, who would take care of me?
I froze. What was that horrible noise? I spun around, sweat pouring down my forehead. An egg. Like me? No. My eggshell was blue and green. This egg was yellow. Not bright cheery yellow, but one that was so nauseating it made me want to cry. It was porous, covered with bumps. Young as I was then, I knew this much. I was afraid.
    It split open! The first thing I saw was the horn. It was the same putrid color of the egg. The smell of sulphur filled the air. I didn't wait to see what else would come out. I turned and. . .
No! There was no exit! Only a circle covered with knobs. Out of nowhere popped a hand. Not like mine, it was hairless and had more fingers. It pushed a handle and opened the door. Don't ask questions! Just run! My life was in danger. . .
    Was it gone? I stopped running. I was out of breath. I turned around. Nothing. Where had I run off to? I turned.
    "Oh!," I gasped in surprise. The hand that had rescued me was right beside me. How did it float like that? It seemed. . wrong, somehow. "How?," I asked, or at least tried to. It came out in a strange slurring coo. It didn't occur to me that the hand wouldn't understand me. He floated over and scratched my nose. I giggled uncontrollably. This strange being somehow made me feel better, Withought even talking.
    It pointed to me. "Norn," it said, or rather projected into my mind. What did it mean?
    "Norn." It repeated.
    "Nono."Hey! Why couldn't I say it correctly? I couldn't figure out how to move my tongue and position my mouth to make the right sounds."
    "Norn!" Yes! I said it right! It tickled me again. I reaches out to it. . .and it vanished.
    I sat shivering. I could not stay where I was much longer, waiting for it to return. I needed shelter.
    There were four doors to the left of me. Each one of them had a symbol on it. I picked one randomly and opened it. I was immediately sucked inside! Examining the closed door, I tried to remember what I had did to open it. A large, brown insect sped by. It was quickly joined by hundreds of others. Hundreds! Even more, still coming! The swarmed above me like a cloud from a nightmare. The last thing I remember then was a sudden, stabbing pain, all over my body, everywhere at once! Suffocating me, everywhere, pain, throbbing, blood, pain, oh the pain. . .

Stay Tuned for Chapter Two which is coming soon!