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Saving Private Rhino

Part III: The Wait is Over

Judd made a sigh of relief when he noticed what had happened. Apparently one of the Grendels had not been killed by the gunfire and had attacked Max. Luckily Little had noticed this and shot the Grendel before he could do any harm to his dear friend. In relief Judd ran over to where the others lay and put the wounded Norn down.

"I don’t think he is going to live," The Commander said.

"How did the Grendels know?" Judd asked the three Norns.

"How would they not, being left out of battle like this is unusual to the Grendels… so they probably wanted to be involved," Felicity spoke intelligently.

"I’ll see what I can do, hopefully he will be able to last until we can get him back to The Hand."

"If we ever…"

Judd was cut off by Felicity, "Don’t you say that Judd we will make it home, now go back to your proper location." Even she did not believe that they would be fine.

Judd and Max stood by themselves near the entrance of the dock, watching and waiting for anything sudden. Nothing came, they sat for several hours until they heard some noises coming from their city.

"What’s going on?" Rhino asked Little.

"Who knows… it could be… no it couldn’t, or could it?" Little thought aloud.

"What? What is it?" Rhino was eager to know.

"Could be a sneak attack…"

"No, that isn’t possible, is it?" Rhino was beginning to worry.

"It is, but unlikely. Our enemy is yet to use their heads."

"Why is that?"

"Well most of the Norns that finally decided to come to our side were much smarter, it was the logical thing to do."

"Then why don’t we use our smarts to defeat them?"

"They got most of the stronge Norns, turns out there are more strong dumb Norns in Albia than strong smart Norns."

Just as Rhino was about to respond they saw it in the distance. Here came the enemy. Little estimated about 30 of them. He thought to himself "30… how will we ever survive". By the time the five scouts reached the dock Judd and Max instantly shot down 3 of them. The other two were picked off by Rhino.

"Commander, how will Judd and Max survive up there in the front?" Felicity questioned.

"I’m not saying they will, but there is a possibility."

Felicity began to speak until she heard gunfire. She took out her binoculars and peered through them. She could see Judd and Max standing around abut a dozen dead bodies. She took a sigh of relief until she saw them running towards them. Max had tripped over one of the dead Grendels and collapsed to the ground.

"Was he okay?" she thought.

Judd had turned around to help his friend. Max was back on his feet and running full speed a few feet behind Judd. Judd would occasionally look back to make sure his friend was still following. There was still loud gunfire going at their enemy. Little and Rhino were yet to be discovered.

She noticed Max was limping. Was he hurt? She didn’t think so, he had his tongue hanging low out of his mouth. She could hear one shot over the others… and then Max fell. In panic she jumped out of the ditch and ran towards her friends.

"Wait felicity!" The Commander yelled.

Drew seeing this quickly hopped out of the trench and ran after Felicity. Judd had stopped and began to protect his wounded friend’s body the best he could. When Drew and felicity reached them drew picked up his body and pulled him over his shoulder, but it was too late to run. He quickly placed Max back on the ground and he began to fire his weapon.

The Commander rolled his eyes and he too ran towards the group of Norns. It was only a matter of time that all of them would be dead. Felicity attempted to scream orders above the sound of the weaponry. Drew had heard it so he picked up Max and slowly faded backwards waving to the others to follow.

Little continuously reached over for more ammo. Just then they hear a noise behind them but only Little turned. There were about six of the opposing forces Norns standing directly in front of him. He tapped Rhinos shoulder and they both backed to the edge of the rock. One of them lifted their gun towards Rhino and fired. Little dove in front of the bullet knocking both of them back and off of the rock.

They fell off of the steep cliff and landed hard on the ground. Rhino turned to face the top of the rock with his gun pulled out. Two of the soldiers peeked over and were instantly shot in the face by Rhino. He jumped to his feet, grabbed Little and took off.

He ran full speed, or at least as fast as he could with a limp. He knew that Little was not dead but he also didn’t know how bad of condition he was in. He finally reached a trench where he could examine Little.

Meanwhile the tables had turned for the good guys. Max was back on his feet and firing at the on coming enemy. Drew had noticed that Little and Rhino had fled from their rock and towards the trench so he ordered Max to take a break and check to see if they were alright.

Max was about half way to the trench when he heard someone yell, not one of his friends and not from close by. He looked around and then looked up to where Little and Rhino were stationed to see three Norns sitting on the rock looking at him. Max froze, pulled his weapon out and began to fire. One of the soldiers fell from the steep ledge and died at the bottom. The other two quickly returned fire. Max was dodging bullets left and right. It was looking good for Max, another one had fallen and Max was very close to victory when it happened. The last thing he heard was a scuffle from behind him and a shot.

The rest of the Norns were still attempting to stop the on coming Norns. The attackers were down to about a dozen or two. When Drew was shot they knew they had to abort. Judd retrieved his body and made a mad dash towards the ditches. Followed by the Commander and Felicity.

They stopped right in front of their recently killed friend Max. Judd ran towards him and checked his pulse shortly before he began to cry.

"Common Judd we don’t have any time let’s go."

"You’re not going anywhere."

The Commander had pulled out a gun and had it placed to the back Felicity’s head. She froze in fear.

"But why?" she asked the Commander.

"I am a spy and so were most of my soldiers."

Just then one of The Commanders original soldiers came out from behind some bushes. Then came the remaining six survivor Norns.

"Now if it isn’t to much to ask, could you please take us to your leader?" The Commander snickered as he spoke.

"Eat shi."

"Now now Felicity…" he cut her off.

Judd lay on his knees peeking up every so often to see if Felicity was all right and would occasionally get Drew a tap on the side to try to awaken him.

"Little, hey man are you okay?"

Little opened his eyes and moaned, "what happened?"

"You got shot, and you saved my life."

"What about the others?"
"I don’t know the gunfire stopped a short while ago."

Little quickly jumped from where he lay, "we have to go help!"

"What if their dead, it would just be killing us if we went to them."

"Yeah and what if they need us?" Little pointed out.


"Either we save the world by going to help them or we cry away in the corner and wait for our enemy to destroy it, we are Albia’s final hope."

Rhino paused for a moment and then spoke, "then what are we waiting for?"

They jumped out of the ditch and run into the sunrise.


Stay tuned for Part IV!