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Saving Private Rhino

Part II: Prepare for Battle

Had the Hand known of this he probably would have never sent them. He helped the other Norns out of the tunnel and they too were not only shocked but also disappointed.

The group of Norns they came to save was down to four Norns. One Norn that they all recognized from training was Commander O’Connell. The other three were probably privates. The odds of Rhino being alive were slim to nill. Still Felicity since she was in command went to the Commander and told him the story of Rhino’s mother. The Commander seemed mighty surprised. And a little worried. He told them that Rhino was one of his best fighters and that if he had known this that he never would have put him in the front line.

As soon as the Commander said that Felicity had the worst feeling in her stomach. She had the feeling that they were too late and that Rhino had already been killed.

The Commander reassured her though, "Rhino although was faced with death several frightful times is still fighting strong. He is over here, follow me."

Drew and Felicity followed the Commander to a strong tough looking Norn.

The Commander looked upset and began telling Rhino the story of his family, "You see… your father…"

The young Norn looked upset but was not ready to give up.

"That gives me all the more reason to fight."

Felicity knew that any normal Norn would be balling in tears and was pleasantly surprised by this particular Norns confidence.

"I can’t go though, I am staying here, I won’t leave my duty. This dock is the beginning of our freedom. If we lose this, we lose it all."

Felicity couldn’t believe it, what a loyal Norn, "we have to go, the Hand gave us orders."

"Well you can tell the Hand that I am staying and fighting this war out till the end."

So that is what she did. She talked to the Hand later that after noon right before sun down. He agreed to let them stay but to keep Rhino away from danger and to come home when things get ugly. She hoped he meant IF things get ugly. Then she began thinking of her and Drew and their future children. Would there be any?

Drew rushed over to the bush she was behind, "they’re on their way. Their numbers are overwhelming! We have little chance of survival. I say we take what we have and leave."

"No can do Drew, were staying. Rhino says so and the Hand agrees. We only leave when things turn ugly."

"I would say that this mission has fallen from the ugly tree, and hit every branch on the way down."

"Drew… you understand that if we leave our village will die and our enemies will have won. We are the last of our Nation. We are here to fight!"

"You know your right… I have been talking to the Commander and Little. We say we put Max, and Judd in the front line along with one of his men. Then have Little as our backup. Have him high up on a large rock and hard to find because he’s the brain of the operation. From there he can shoot also because of his excellent shot. Oh and we put Rhino with him so he can get some shots in too without being harmed. Then we put the commander’s last two men in a trench to the left of the dock. Us me you and the Commander will be in a trench to the right of the dock. Got it?"

Felicity was impressed. Here she thought she was going to have to sit down by her little own self to think up a plan when her boyfriend had done so already.

He asked her again, "Understand?"

"Yes cowboy, and I love the plan," Felicity smiled that ever so devilish smile that made Drew feel like a million carrots.

"Now we have to go tell the others our plan." Felicity ordered Drew.

"No need, already done."

That’s when her eyes opened wide. She leaned over to him and gave him a nice kiss on the cheek. He kissed her in return and then the kisses became more intimate. They hadn’t kissed since before the war. Nearly five days. Drew and Felicity then found themselves behind a rock kiss-bopping like it was the end of the world. Of course it could be the end of the world very soon if nothing less than a miracle happened.

The two of them had slept for nearly an hour when they heard the jingle of a bell. The first warning. It meant get in your positions the bad Norns are coming. They rushed back to the dock where the Commander awaited them. Ah there you two are, we have switched positions. Drew your with my other soldiers and Felicity your with me. I need you Drew to give them orders. You’re in charge now.

Drew was happy to hear that he was finally "in charge" of something, but then there was also a great fear inside of him that something may happen to his beloved Felicity.

Drew and Felicity gave each other one last hug goodbye as they walked their separate ways. Drew knew that no matter what force was with them today that they would have no chance whatsoever in defeating their opponents. "Then why are you here" he asked himself. He had no answer. He just picked up his speed and hopped into his trench. He peered over to the right and admired Felicity until finally her head dropped down and a gun raised. How odd… were their enemies here already? Then the gun moved towards him.

"What! Wait who?" He mumbled out any word he could before everything went black.

He woke up moments later to see Felicities lovely face. What had just happened? Was he shot? He didn’t feel a wound, only a big lump on the back of his head. Where did that come from?

"Did you know he was a spy?" Felicity questioned the Commander.

"I had no idea, but it explains why he always told us he was afraid of the site of blood." The Commander explained.

They were hovered over Drew and another Norn. One of the private’s Drew was to look after. The other sat in the corner when finally he yelled out, "Ayy, look over there what is it?"

Everyone in the trench turned their heads to see a half dozen of Grendels headed towards them.

"How did they…" the Commander was cut-off.

"Not now, everyone get down," Felicity said right before everyone dropped towards the bottom of the trench onto their knees.

"Six… we can take them," Drew said quietly.

Just then he heard gunfire, coming from where? The Norns looked around for some sort of clue and that’s when it hit them. Little and Rhino were hidden behind a large rock… Judd and Max started firing their guns at the approaching Grendels. Three had dropped dead. Judd ran up to them as they began beating the Commanders third to last private. He screamed for help. Judd jumped on the attacking Grendel and pulled out a knife.

"Take this," he stabbed the Grendel in the head and the Grendel collapsed, but not without one final blow to the privates head knocking him ten feet to the right.

Max had shot down the other two Grendels. Max and Judd ran up to the private. He was near death. Judd picked up the dieing Norn and started to run back towards the trench.

"Gunfire…" he had heard it, coming from behind him. "No Max!" As he turned there was a thump on the ground and then silence.


Stay tuned for Part III of Saving Private Rhino!