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Saving Private Rhino

Part I: Underground

The year is 70. The Norns of Albia have split into two. East Albia and West Albia. Broken up over an argument of stolen cheese. The two Hands did what they could to stop the controversy but it only lead them to a fight of their own. Two Nations, two leaders.

Somewhere deep below the woods of West Albia lay a group of Norns. Norn warriors who fought and killed for their land. A hidden bunker in enemy territory. A crazy thought for such a battle. Dozens of Norns had already been killed or kidnapped and tortured. A population of 200 dropped below 50 in East Albia. As for the West Albians their population had slightly grown. Starting with the small amount of 100 they now had over 120 Norns, at least half were males who were eager and ready for battle.

Although nobody had ever said who the "bad guys" or the "good guys" were everyone knew that the East were the good and the West were the bad.

"Hey Little, big news for you," an excited Creatures 1 Norn spoke to a short Creatures 2 Norn.

"Yeah what is it? To much to handle for my little size?" Little mumbled it out.

"No I am not making fun of you this time, it really is big, and good."

"For real?"

"Yeah I have word from the Hand. He said that we can return home and that we should be with our families."

"What? We need all the fighters we can get out here…"

"Turns out we don’t have enough in the first place, so their sending us back."

"So what about that small group of Norns defending the dock?"

"They’re on their own. Down to a minimal of eight Norns."

"And were leaving them, to die? A slow painful death?"

"There is nothing we can do. It is not my decision to make. And it isn’t Felicity’s either."

"The Hand… I know I know…" the disgruntled warrior went off again.

"I am going to go tell the others." Drew who was second in command of that assault group said.

He walked into the room where two Norns were playing catch with the football. One of them from Creatures 1 and the other one from Creatures 2. It looked to Drew as if the Creatures 2 Norn Judd had just scored a touchdown because he was doing a victory dance around the room.

"Alright soldiers, I am going to make this quick. Were going home."

"No way! You're serious?" Judd said.

"Hey Judd, looks like you and the Max are going to be playing professional football for theeeee Gardens Carrots!" Max tried to hold his joy.

"Haha yeah Max our life long dream!"

"Turns out the Hand wants us to be with our family during this time… football has probably been…"

A cute blond Creatures 1 Norn comes running in followed by Little.

"What is it Felicity?" Drew asked her.

"I have word from the Hand. He gives us bad news."

"Bad? What could be worse than losing a war?" Little questioned.

"The Hand and his secretaries have been researching. It turns out that a very faithful well-known mother Norn has had three loses in this war so far. One being her lover and the other two, her young children. Her only living child Rhino is one of the males that was ordered to protect the dock of East Albia. Our job is to do a search and rescue mission for any troops that have survived from that area and to protect Rhino at all costs."

All the Norns had their mouths wide with shock. Them out of all Norn… five loyal troopers and their pet rabbit MJ.

The shock rubbed off of Judd’s face, "hold on one second. I was told that I was going home, and dang it I want to go!"

"We all want to be with our families right now, but you need to understand. The Hand wants us to help him," Felicity tried to be positive.

"We don’t even know this fella’ Rhino. Why should we risk OUR lives to rescue his worthless self." Judd mumbled.

"Orders are orders. Meet me at the tunnel in an hour."

So that was it. This small group of warriors had a mission to complete. Go through the underground tunnel back to East Albia and to bring Private Norn Rhino home safely.

They all met an hour later with plenty of weapons and supplies. Little wearing his lucky black headband and Max with his dyed blue hair. They were ready, all except for MJ of course. Judd had picked MJ up during a long battle one day and was going to give the bunny to his girlfriend Mary Jane who he would see at the bunker that night after the battle, which she too was in. He named him MJ after his girlfriend Mary Jane who had been killed later that day in battle. Now after three days MJ had become sick and hungry, for they didn’t have access to any carrots. They only had small packets of mush. Which was not meant to please but meant to keep you alive. It was also not meant for rabbits.

"Judd we have to go now, we have our orders remember?" Felicity seemed slightly tempered but she also felt horribly for this poor Norn.

"I just can’t leave him here like this, he is sick!"

"I’m sorry Judd… we have to go though… we are needed."

"Just give me a moment alone with him please?"

"Yeah, okay one minute."

The greenish Norn looked down at the little bunny, "hey there MJ… I guess it is time that we say goodbye. It was really fun while it lasted." The Norn sniffled and went on, "I never thought I would get so attached. I guess it is the fact that you’re the last living memory I have of Mary Jane." He suddenly broke down in tears. He couldn’t take it. He just turned away and started towards the tunnel. He could hear the bunny try to get up behind him, wanting to follow but was too weak.

Felicity walked over to Judd and gave him a big hug. Then she walked over to the cupboard and got a cloth. She walked to the crate that MJ laid in and picked him up.

"He’s coming with us."

Judd quickly turned in surprise and said, "you’re serious?"

"Yeah now let’s go before I change my mind."

A big smile quickly formed across Judd’s face and amongst the rest of the Norns faces. They too did not want to leave MJ.

About an hour passed by. The group was still lugging through the tunnel. Hoping that they would see light at any moment. Drew walked up with their leader Felicity as they spoke intimately of their future. You see Drew and Felicity had a thing going on before the war. Felicity was the one who talked Drew into fighting for the East and not travelling to the volcanic ruins near the Grendel. Soon after meeting they fell in love. Just before the war broke out they had spoke of children but they never did have the chance to have any. They just wanted to live through this moment to see tomorrow, to see what wonderful magnificent creations that they could create together. Nobody in their squad knew about this secret relationship… not even Little who was the brains of the operation.

Although Little was good with his mind he was even better with a gun. Him and Judd would always have shooting contests. They would always tie. When it came to arm wrestling and football though Judd could beat him any day. As for Max he was very unique with his blue hair and his odd likeness for smaller weapons and his hand to hand combat. Which brings in his Cousin Drew. Max didn’t even know of Drews relationship with Felicity.

Max had stopped listening to Felicity shortly after leaving and now was staring into her beautiful dark green eyes. It seemed to him like her hair was glowing in the dark tunnel that had no end.

His thoughts were broken with light. Streaks of it, coming through the ground in front of them. They were there, and in time. They could here shouts amongst the Norns above them. Good they spoke the language of the East Albians Felicity pointed out.

Drew was the first one out. He paused and nearly fell to the ground. What he saw amazed him in a horrible horrible way. This couldn’t be! How did this happen?

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Saving Private Rhino Part II is now available!