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I am currently preparing the creation of my second new breed.   I still need a spriter so if you think you can help send me an e-mail and a sample of your work.

The Dale Norns

This is a true story... in a way ;\

Long before the Shee created "Norns" they found a planet that had living creatures.  They took the aliens on board their ship and spent many long tiring years studying them before they escaped.  The Shee had taken two test aliens from this planet, one female and one male.  They feared that they would breed and spread amongst the space ship.  Before they did anything about it they left the ship but not before they created "Norns".  One breed of these Norns was modeled after the aliens that were discovered and looked very similar in many ways.   When the Norns finally discovered the aliens they took them as their own and started breeding with them.  After many generations of mixed breeding amongst the Norns and the aliens they became known as the "Dale Norns".  These Norns had mostly normal genes but they still consisted of a few of the aliens genes.  One of which allows the Dale Norns to take numerous beatings from the grendel without dieing.   So there you have it, half Norn half alien...

Now here are the Dale Norns.

Dfemale.gif (9558 bytes)

Dmale.gif (7136 bytes)

dcross.gif (6941 bytes) Here is a hybrid Dale Norn

Put all images in the "images" folder and put the two Norns in the "My Creatures" folder then open Creatures 3 import a Creature and select the Norn.

Download Version 1 of The Dale Norns - 4.25mb

I need help with packaging them up in an Agent file so if you can help please e-mail me.

Dale Norns