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1. What would you rate Creatures 3, 1-10?  I would rate it an 8.5
2. Why do you not like about Creatures 3? Hmmmm. How much speed you need to
run the game. I have to Destroy almost all the machines, o it runs normaly.
3. Do you find it fun do to a site? Yes i love having my site. Its fun to
work with graphics, and all that stuff. :)
4. How many creatures do you have? 14 on my site and 5 in each of my two
5. How do you handle Grendels? I put the eggs in the water in the Water
terranium before they hatch.
6. What do you think makes a Norn look good? A good Norn is one that looks
colorfull and is different than all other norns.
7. How do you find your Norn project coming along? Still getting ideas.
8. What do you like in Creatures? Everything.
9. Do you find Ettins hard to deal with? Nope, I put them in the water.
10. What is your Norn project looking like so far? Not like anything.