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This is an interview of GrenAnner the owner of GrenAnner's Creatures 3 Haven.

#1 How many creatures do you have?

In C2 or C3? <grin> Currently I have about 20 creatures in operation in
different worlds for C3, and about a million more downloads of other
people's creatures that I want to look at. Unfortunately, I won't have
time to do so.

#2 Do you have any other Mindscape/PF. Magic games?

I have Creatures 2 and I have Dogz 3, and was thinking about Catz 4, until
I got bored with the Dogz thing. They didn't breed fast enough for me.

#3 What would you rate Creatures 1-10? (10 being the best)

Creatures 3 is still a toss-up for me. I'm not sure how much I like it
compared to 2. <considering> I will give it an 8 for now. The creatures
are MUCH more intelligent, interact more with each other, and the ecology
of C3 is excellent. The third-party development already taking place is
amazing, and I can't wait to see what else will be accomplished. I will
be putting up my review of C3 on my site soon, so stay tuned.

#4 How do you live with the Grendels?

Well, my name IS GRENAnner! =) I LOVED the Grendels in C2, but to my
disappointment, Cyberlife made good on their promise for "viscious
grendels" in C3. They will beat your norns to death! The Peace Grendels
by Lis Morris are an alternative, but I prefer to leave nature alone. I
don't love them as much as I did, but oh well. During my wolfling runs, I
don't allow any grendels to live in my game. But otherwise, I figure the
norns have gotta learn how to deal with them some time, so I let them

#5 How do you live with the Ettins?

There are a few ways to deal with Ettins...they take apart your machines,
you know. One way is to remove them from the game. There is also a meta
cheat that makes all machines untouchable by creatures, which is nice, but
sort of sad for the pleasure the Ettins get out of destroying your stuff.
Or, you can just deal with and try not to get too mad at them. It's their
nature, after all.

#6 Do you like Ettins?

I like Ettins, although their voices kinda scare me. That and their
little bubble butts.

#7 Do you like Norns?

I like norns, except for their incessant need to kill themselves! =) I
prefer the appearance of the C2 breeds to the C3 breeds. The C3 norns
were a disappointment.

#8 Do you like Grendels?

Yup, see above.