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1. How are your Raccoon Norns coming along?
A: Well the Raccoon Norns are comming along rather nicely now, with the
baby and child sprites done and the atts for both sets I would say there not
doing bad.A new breed of norn that I have recently started work on might get
in the way of there progress but I dont think it will be a problem.

2. How do Raccoon Norn handle other Norns?
A: Well the Raccoon Norns are rather un-social until breeding, this
prevents them all crowding up and so on, but they still like the compony of
other norns sometimes.When hit they would rather retreat then fight,
depending how you look at this it could be a good or bad thing.

3. What got you into Creatures?
A: Well I saw a advertisement in a magazine and thought to myself that it
would be need to see the mutations and such. So basicly I went out and
brought c2.C2 annoyed me extremily because of it's constant crashing and
inferior norns.But after I got the upgrades, LifeKit and Cannies it wasnt so
After a few weeks I decided to get c1,I enjoyed the game but it seemed like
c2 had so much better things, well not really.But it had a much better
chance for development then c1 had and thats what I wanted to be able to
do.I never really got to develop any thing for c2 but hopefully I will with

4. What do you not like about Creatures?
A: Well for instance the inferior norns I mentioned earlier.There are many
other things that bug me but lets not get into that.

5. How do you handle Grendels?                                                                                                          A: Well now that I think of it, I've never really had much to do with them.

6. How do you handle Ettins?
A: The same way I handle Grendels

7. What do you like in Norns?
A:not much really except there rather cute.

8. What was the first Creature you had?
A: erm I would have no idea

9. How many Creatues do you have in the game?
That all depends what I'm doing with it.

10. Do you have any other PF. Magic/Mindscape games?
Nope just the Creatures series