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These pictures are from the Official Creatures Adventures Homepage.     Click on the image for a bigger version.  Near the bottom are some pictures of the Norns.


The World

cloudland2.gif (13402 bytes) Cloud Land - Here you can change the weather in your world.

doctor2.gif (14301 bytes) Doctor's Cart - When your Norn is sick go to the Norn Doctor to get him/her better.

dragons2.gif (14826 bytes) Dragon World - Tons of musical intruments.   If you play well enough the dragons may wake up.

dressingup2.gif (14792 bytes) Dressing Up Room - Lot's of clothes for your Norns to dress in.

dungeon2.gif (14937 bytes) Dungeon - Scary things happen here.   Located below the Haunted Castle.

friendlyforest2.gif (14646 bytes) Friendly Forest - A fun place for your Norns.  The entrance to the Spooky Forest.

frontgarden2.gif (14781 bytes) Front Garden - Lot's of animals.  A good place for your Norns.

graveyard2.gif (13350 bytes) Graveyard - This is the place to register a Norns death.

hauntedcastle2.gif (14798 bytes) Haunted Castle - Scary things and creatures here.

kitchen2.gif (15007 bytes) Kitchen - This is the place where you and your Norns make food.

nestery2.gif (13748 bytes) Nestery - This is where it all starts.   Your Norn eggs are located and brought up in here.

spookyforest2.gif (15471 bytes) Spooky Forest - Only the bravest Norns go here.  Spooky looking eyes follow you.

toyroom2.gif (14592 bytes) Toy Room - Full of fun toys for your Norns.

veggiegarden2.gif (14073 bytes) Veggie Garden - This is the place that your Norns get their healthy foods.

The Norns

In Creatures Adventures there are four types of Norns.   They are...

Brown Alba Norns

1.gif (9966 bytes) Can either be speedy or friendly

Green Malay Norns

2.gif (9352 bytes) Can either be sleepy or clumsy

Purple Primrose Norns

3.gif (8772 bytes) Can either be pudgey or shy

Turquoise-and-Green-Striped Pippin Norns

4.jpg (8836 bytes) Can either be eager or cocky