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There have only been a few utilities made for Creatures 3 so far.   Until I get permission for these programs I will supply you with a link to his webpage.  If any of the authors to these programs want me to remove their links please let me know and I will.

Chris Double's Programs (to go straight to his page click here)


  • Creatures 3 Genome Injector - Let's you inject a .gen file into your world to get an egg.

  • Creatures 3 Lobe Study - Let's you view lobes and neurons.

  • Scriptorium Browser - If you are looking for a certain script from an object in your world use this.

  • Genetics Editor - One of my favorites that allows you to edit the genetics of a .gen file.

  • Gene Compare - Let's you load multible .gen files and compare them.

  • CAOS Injector - A simple injector that will inject objects into your world.

To get more information on these and to download them please visit Chris Double's wonderful site, The Creatures Developer Resource.


Brian Hershey's Programs

  • Creatures 3 Breeder - It may be his only program but he improves it every so often.  This too is one of my favorite.  It let's you see all of your Norns drives and needs, and has a very handy tool that will export the two weakest Norns in a certain drive.

To get more information on this program and to download it please visit Brian Hershey's site, My Creatures 3 Breeding Results and Programs.