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I am new to the creation of Cobs, especially to Creatures 3 Cobs so if these are faulty let me know please!  Read Me file is included for help on installing.  I would like to thank Jason Amsden for getting me started on these, I know I could't have made them without his help.   There are now other peoples agents available!  If your Agent is here and you don't want it to be let me know.

I have reserved Cob numbers 38900-38999

Carrot Launcher

Red looking dispensor, when pressed a carrot pops out (unlimited usage) Includes a special seed! Creator: Me

Seed Launcher

Purple looking dispensor, when pressed a seed pops out (unlimited usage) Creator: Me

Apple Launcher

Green looking dispensor, when pressed an apple pops out (unlimited usage) Creator: Me

Tomato Plant

Remember this plant from Creatures 2?  Well here it is for Creatures 3.  This is only the first version so it still needs work.   To get another nut off of the plant just left click and watch it fly! Creator: Me

Nut Plant

Remember this plant from Creatures 2?  Well here it is for Creatures 3.  This is only the first version so it still needs work.   To get another tomato off of the plant just left click and watch it fly! Creator: Me

Health Drink Vendor

This healthy snack has everything your norn needs.  With Vitamin C and D and even a little tad of cough medicine for those sick norns.  Be warned!  Norns need more than just vitamins!  Creator: Me

Fun Music Ball

This diamond shaped ball will flash colors, bounce, and play music for you.  Check out all of it's features! Creator: Me

Fish Bowl

Pet fish who swim around for your norns.  I was asked to make this from someone on agc, so here it is.  Creator: Me


Good ol' Santa has come to visit and he has brought a special treat for all of your norns! Creator: Me

Force Field

This stops your creatures from going to the other side.  Be warned it is known to harm your creatures.  Creator: Jason Amsden

Robot Toy

A simple toy that uses the sprites that Cyberlife never used.  Creator: Jason Amsden

Cheese Launcher

This is what got me started in agent creation.   It is an unlimited cheese launcher.  Creator: Jason Amsden

Peach Vendor

A vendor that dispenses yummy peaches for your norns.  Creator: Darcie Clements

Multi-Agent v. 2

One of my favorite agents.  It has a Bioenergy increaser, apple dispensor, carrot dispensor, cheese dispensor, bacteria killer, and a vocab machine.  Creator: Hausmouse


Automatically vends all the foods and refill's the stock when the Norn eats them all up.  Creator: Hausmouse

Antiseptic Spray

A connectable bacteria killing spray.   Creator: Hausmouse

Xenophobic Goo

Works simular to a force field.  I haven't tried it yet.  Creator: Lis Morris


This connectable agent gives your norns the equivalent of a week at a health spa! It cleans out all those little tag ends of poison that confuse the disease and illness screens, and the antigen detector.  Creator: Lis Morris

Turkey Launcher

Simular to all the other launchers available.   It launches turkeys intead.  Good food for your norns.  Creator: Bibble

Pea Vine

A plant that dispences healthy peas for your Norns.  Creator: Spirit


A stove that dispences that yummy turkey from C1 and C2.  Creator: Spirit

Stuffed Tiger

A toy for your Norns that jumps and roars.   Creator: Spirit

Pond Fish Food

Put this in your fish pond (in the Norn Terrarium) and your fish will never be hungry again.  Creator: Spirit

Seed Basket

A basket full of nutricious seeds.   Unlimited usage!  Creator: Spirit

Squirrely Squirrel

A cute squirrel that throws tomatos that decrease boredom when clicked on.  Creator: Spirit

Tome of Bibble

A very handy book that instantly teaches your Norns all the words needed.  Creator: Spirit

Clockwork Orange

When eaten it makes the Norn that ate it become very angry.  Creator: Dr. Light

Spore Bug

A bug that drops fungi in the Jungle periodically.  Creator: Dr. Light

Piranha Poison

When put in with your pirahna it kills them.   Don't worry it isn't harmful to your Norns.  Creator: Dr. Light

Vend All

This vends 3 different objects when pressed.  Very useful food tool.       Creator: Mandy

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