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    When finally Creatures 3 reached the US in late 99 conversation grew everywhere.  The first few people who bought it posted to agc to tell everyone.   I and many other people rushed to the stores after hearing that they thought it was wonderful.  When I returned home I booted up my computer and ran the bug free installation.  I pressed play and to my surprise the program actually started :O!   I decided I needed to make a new world so I did by choosing that I wanted the starter Norns.  They walked around for a while when finally they kiss-popped.  A few moments later an egg was layed and after that a baby girl was born.  To my surprisement they kept right on kiss popping resulting in the female starter to lay another egg which was soon to be a female.  I thought this can't be good... my world will over populate so I checked just in case they made Creatures 3 similur to CA and took out the export function.  After spending a few minutes looking for it I found it on the top right tab.  Hooray!  Then I noticed something green by my Norns.   What was that?  A Grendel?  No!  So the Grendel chased my Norns to the garden.  My male starter was alone his family flead.  He must have been sticking up for the women, what a Norn!  Anyways the Grendel gave him no chance.   He went on a hitting spree.  5.... 10... no 17 hits and my Norn was dead.   Hmmph... time for a new world.

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    After several new worlds I was successful and started what I called my Norn Family.  The Grendel and Ettin eggs were placed in the Pirahna Pond to never return.  My Norns are now on the 11th generation, which is available to download.

    Creatures 3 does not take place in Albia like Creatures 1 and 2 did.   It takes place 1,000's of years before the first two versions and the Shee's Spaceship.  The Shee left the Norns and Ettin to fend for themselves while they went to the world below.  Not knowing that a Grendel Mother still lived on board they left with no worries.  Soon the mother started having children and that is how you get Grendels.

    These Grendels are not your average C1 or C2 Grendels, they are mean.  They will smell out your Norns come in and beat every last one of them.   If you hate them just wait for the Grendel Mother to spit out the eggs.  There are two this time.  Then place them in the Pirahna Pond that is directly next to the Mother.  Not only will they beat your Norns but they will carry horrible diseases and will steal eggs!

    The Ettin now have voices, and they can be friendly.  A lot of the times they will catch a disease either in the Desert Terrarium or the Jungle Terrarium so be warned that they may be sick.  Not only that but they will roam the ship looking for parts.  If you have any objects built up in your Norn Terrarium protect them from the Ettin.

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    Where are the applets you ask?  Unfortunately Cyberlife left them out for this version.  Wait come back, there are already things available to help.  There are utilities which are on my C3 utilities page that will help you in your C3 experience, there are also Agents available to download which are very useful.

    Instead of applets Creatures 3 has a med-bay, a camera system, and a room moniter, these things are all located near each other to the left of exiting the Terrariums.  As for the right there are machines such as the splicer, the creator, and the replicator.  My favorite machines!  The splicer works easily.  Put Creature A in one of the eggs and Creature B in the other.  Choose whether you want a male or a female and press the button.  There you go, but be warned the parents are killed in this process.  The Creator is where you inject all of those Agents you downloaded off of the web.  After putting all the images and sounds in the right directory use this machine to find the correct Agent and then inject it.

    If you had the same problem I did after deciding to use the Starter family you would only get Bruins.  Don't worry just go to the Egg Layer which is located below the learning room enterance in the Norn Terrarium.  Use the top button to tab through all of the different breeds available then use the bottom one and an egg will appear.

    The Incubator is located directly next to it to the left.  It is big and hard to miss and works easily.  Just toss the egg into the square opening and the machine will start.  If it will not go in it may be because you have too many Norns in your world.

    There are many CAOS codes available on my site and on other C3 sites.  To bring the Command Line up just press "Ctrl + Shift + C"

    If you are stuck in the windows mode because of an autokill just press "alt + Shift + Enter" to get out of it.

    You will need to get your Norns to activate the different pick-ups.   The pick-ups will either power up some of your machines or allow you to do other things like select Grendels/Ettin or pick-up any Creature.

    The Norn Terrarium - A home for your Norns, includes the Learning Room, Creature Graveyard, Egg Layer, Incubator, and a pond.  There is a weather machine that keeps it perfect for your Norns.  There is also a good resource of food available for them.  Be careful with the pond baby Norns can drown!  Have you run out of food?  You can download various Agents to help you with that.  You can either download them off of The Norn Request or go to my links page and find one that has Agents. nornterra.gif (57222 bytes)
The Jungle Terrarium - The home of the Grendels, diseases float about and nasty Creatures pounce around.  Unless your making a quick stop I would keep your Norns away from this place.  Along with the diseases and animals there is the Pirahna Pond which is extremely deadly for your Norns.  Once that button is pressed they drop down into the pond and are eaten.  The Grendel Mother lives here to the left of the pond. jungle.gif (57215 bytes)
The Ettin Terrarium - The home of the Ettin.  Many people say that diseases live here to but I think that might be from the ever so sick Ettin.  I have established a Norn family here so it is pretty safe other than the volcano and the pond. ettin.gif (48162 bytes)
    The Aquatic Terrarium - A giant fish tank.  Includes many species of fish such as sharks.  For those of you interested in their evolution you don't even have to hatch any Norn eggs.  There are two tanks of fish.  You can also flood the whole room, but be careful any Creatures in there may drown. aquatic.gif (31570 bytes)
The Bridge - Includes many useful machines such as the med bay.   Ettin tend to hang out here since there are so many connectables laying around.   There is a teleporter that will teleport your sick Norns here. bridge.gif (41254 bytes)
Engineering - The heart of the ship.  It has the creator, splicer, and replicator.  Nothing very useful is found here for your Norns, mainly just for yourself. engineering.gif (47354 bytes)

      Out of ten I give Creatures three a 9.  I found it much better than Creatures 2 and even better than Creatures 1.  It is now available just about anywhere you live and is found at any computer software store.