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Here I will inform you about my very first Feral Run.  I started with all six of the starter norns.  It is currently on-going and fairly well I might add...  I am on my third generation.  The Tiger norns are extinct and male norns are beginning to overrun my world.  Other than that they are doing fine, they occationally leave the norn home but usually find their way back.  A few unlucky norns haven't though.  All of these norns that are for download are when they were first born.

Generation 1 - Not for download

Download Generation 2 (4 norns):

Ballentine - Alive

Mother: Aviera / Father: Amar

Baxtor - Alive

Mother: Amni / Father: Amar

Bertina - Alive Mother: Aviera / Father: Amar
Blair - Alive Mother: Aviera / Father: Atari

Download Generation 3 (8 norns):

Chelsea (F) - Alive Mother: Amni / Father: Ballentine
Cinto (M)- Alive Mother: Aviera / Father: Baxtor
Castro (M) - Alive Mother: Bertina / Father: Baxtor
Colin (M)- Alive Mother: Blair / Father: Baxtor
Chino (M)- Alive Mother: Bertina / Father: Ballentine
Chimp (M) - Alive Mother: Amni / Father: Ballentine
Unnamed (M) - Dead Mother: Bertina / Father: Atari
Crystal(F) - Alive Mother: Aviera / Father: Baxtor
Can(M) - Alive Mother: Aviera / Baxtor

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My thoughts...

Two of my male norns died fairly early on in their lives, one before he had children.  This caused a stunt in my population growth.  To top that off my only living Tiger norn dies of starvation because of the jungle.  Her mate died the same way not to long before her.  A while later my final male norn died.  Luckily there were two youth males that were on their way up.  They finally got to full size and started to breed.  Now there are already six third generation norns.  I would say my second generation is a group of great breeders!   I am now up to 6th generation.  I added in a few first generation chromatic norns into my world so there is color in a few norns.  There are about 35 norns in my world so it is very slow and crashes a lot.  6th and 7th generation will be downloadable vey soon I hope.  The cow(civet) norns are the dominant species and about 3 quarters of my norns are Civet norns.  The stange thing is my second generation and a few third generation norns set up a colony in the desert.  Since they were the oldest norns they didn't have any children and eventually most of them died off.  Leaving a few straglers left.  A few of the norns went back to the large growing norn family and the others just wandered into the jungle and sat alone.   There are pictures of the norn family and the desert colony on my pictures page.


I had cough medicine around the norn home, the carrot launcher, seed launcher, apple launcher, tomato plant, and nut plant were all in the norn home.   No Ettin or Grendels in the world.


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