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None of these Cobs are mine so I take no responsibility for what you do with them.  There are only a few available for now, don't worry there is much more to come!

Acima Albia

A new area for your norns.   It's in the sky!  Acima Albia has everything your norns need, plenty of food and toys.  Created by: Mankind

Beer Vendor

This was always one of my favorites.   It dispences beer and every once in a while tequila if I remember correctly.   Created by: Jay Dino

Egg Finder Have a lost egg but you know it exists?   Use the Egg Finder to find it.  Created by: Ernest Julyan
Food Vendor Tons of different foods in one vendor.   The sounds and images are all embedded within the file so no need to copy and paste images/sounds.  Created by: Jay Dino
Force Field Stop Grendels from getting your norns or stop your norns from going somewhere with the Force Field cob.  Created by: Sparrow / Converted by: Spirit
Grendel/Ettin Control Has several options.  You can either stop the Grendel/Ettin mother from laying eggs or you can allow more than one.   Created by: Mr_nStuff
Inseminator Pick your favorite male and your favorite female and use this cob and there you go.  A deathless splicer.   Created by: Mr_nStuff
Neptunes Womb An under water incubator.  Created by: Jay Dino
Tiger Fish A new fish for your oceans, a very large healthy snack.  Created by: Jay Dino / Wafuru
Zummy Fish Another new fish.  Related to the Zander fish but these ones shrink when out of water.  Created by: Jay Dino
Scarlet Puffer A fish just like the original except for the fact that it punishes your Norns when they jump in the oceans.  Created by: Spirit
Pinapple Cooler A tasty glass of Pinapple Juice.   Created by: Spirit
Cheese Bowl A bowl that vends cheese when pressed.   Created by: Spirit
Golden Rod When touched by a Norn it heals them.   Created by: Spirit