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    Creatures 2 was longly anticipated by Creatures fans.   When it finally hit the stores so did all of us.  We rsuhed to play it.   When everyone first opened it and hatched a norn I know I was impressed.  The graphics were a great improvement over the original.  My norns grew up and had a few babies but it took forever to get them to grow up.  They wouldn't eat or sleep.   They would slap, play, and walk into walk.  I would have to revive a norn every ten minutes.  Finally the time came and a norn hatched.  No big mixture, she looked exactally like her mother.  I went through a few generations like this until one day I quit.

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    The setting of Creatures 2 is still Albia. Why does it look different you ask?  Well it's because a volcano errupted and it covered most of the land.  One major excitement of Creatures 2 was the introduction to the Ettin.  A small cute white animal.  Another species to go along with the Grendel.  As for the Grendel is wasn't very mean.  The boxes warned us of an evil mean Grendel and instead we got... C2 grendels...

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    Since Creatures 2 was such a failure to most many people went to the creation of add-ons and Cobs.  These objects were probably the only thing that kept many people playing.  With about twenty new norns species became available on the internet.  Which made Creatures 2 norns even more cute.  As for the Cobs just about every C2 owner made one or two.  There were hundreds for download.   Some helped with vocabulary, sleeping, feeding, and others were meant for the pleasure of your norns.  Soon after many things were created people started making new species of grendels and ettin.

    Creatures 2 in some ways was an improvement.  With its size and its add-ons it made it a fairly decent game.  The norns in the hatchery do not sleep or eat so if you want a successful family you might want to go out and search for some new types of super breeders or super intellegent norns.

    Another new addition to the game were power ups.  You would need all of the power ups to get all of the game applets.  I for one do not think it is fair because usually my norns would die before they could activate them.   There are places were you can find cheats and cheat programs.  One bad thing about C2 was the norns drown.  Once their drowning they can't get themselves out but you have to take an extra minute just to go save their butt.

Seasons was something that excited many.  It rains, snows(hardly), and it gets hot in Albia.  There are seasons, winter, spring, summer, fall.  And it has years.  I am yet to have it snow in Albia but it is told that the oceans freeze and your creatures can wander across it without the boat.

Other dangers other than the Grendel are deadly plants.  Spread amongst Albia these plants can cause your norn to start coughing.  Norn coughs are spreadable through kisses and are sometimes air born.  There are severel Cobs available to get rid of these plants.

    The norns lay eggs much faster and can breed many more times than C1 Norns.  Yet they don't.  They don't breed that often.  Their usually to busy complaining about how hungry they are or how tired.

    Along with finding the power ups you can find the Gene Splicer and the Shee Statue.  The gene splicer allows you to put one norn in each cage, turn it on and there you go you have a mix between the two norns you put in the cages.

    Cyberlife noticed the attention C2 got and they set out to create a third Creatures game.  This time without errors and stupid norns.  This game was later called... bum bum bum what a shocker "Creatures 3"!! 


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