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I take no responsibility for what you do with the objects and if you have any problems with them please reffer to the author.  If you have made any Cobs send them to me and I would be delighted to add them here.

Creatures Object Pack #1

Includes four new objects for your Norns.


Creatures Object Pack #2

Includes four + news objects for your Norns.


Christmas Pack

Includes 8 new objects and a new object injector.


Christmas Pack 97

Includes 5 new objects and a new Santa breed.


Carrot Bowl

A small vendor that vends carrots.


Cheese Bowl

A small vendor that vends cheese. Spirit

Picnic Basket

A vendor that vends many different picnik foods. Spirit

Cheese Box

Bigger than the Cheese Bowl but also vends cheese. Spirit

Enterprise Supply Ship

A ship that flys around and drops groceries for your Norns. Spirit

Wishing Pond

A vendor that vends an infinate amount of "healthy cupcakes." Spirit

Paw Paw Juice Jug

Juice made from an odd looking fruit. Spirit

Sassafras Flask

A drink vendor that stimulates and cools your Norns. Spirit

Orange Snack

A nice juicy Orange for your Norns. Spirit

Mr. Frosty Ice Cream

Gives Norns energy and is also a tasty treat. Spirit


A pet for your Norns. Spirit

Banana Split

A great treat for your Norns. Spirit
Apple Ball A ball that is shaped like an apple. Spirit
Winged Pegasus Flaps its wings when pressed and makes your Norns feel good. Spirit
Pony Playtime Toy Wakes up those sleepy Norns. Spirit
Sleeping Pony Toy Comforts your Norns to give them a good night sleep. Spirit
Norn Doll A doll that looks like a C2 Norn. Spirit
Appaloosa A horse that runs around Albia. Spirit
Herbal Orchid A comforting plant. Spirit
Sweet Violet A plant that reduces Anger and boredom. Spirit
Sunny Flowers A plant that gives your Norns a warm feeling. Spirit
Red Clovers A relaxing plant. Spirit
Golden Rod A plant that relieves coughs and calms your Norns. Spirit
Watermelon Plant Cools and refreshes your Norns. Spirit
Garden Lettuce Grown from the garden is so cooling Lettuce. Spirit
Corn Plant A good source of food. Spirit
Cheese Plant Vends cheese. Spirit
Friendly Fence A beautiful friendly fence. Spirit
Tipi An indian Tipi for your Norns to hide behind. Spirit
Mystical Faery Makes your Norns ready to breed. Spirit
Tree of Life Gives power to any Norns nearby. Spirit
Tree of Health Gives your Norns needed antibodies when nearby. Spirit