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I will be posting many Creatures 1 norns here, I have so many so I can't put them all, only some of my favorites.  The first row is female, second male, and so on like that.  Ages of these norns vary, some may be old, some may be young.  Some of the female norns may be pregnant or still recovering from pregnancy.  Send in your norns!

Cyberlife's Purple Mountain Norns
Frimlin's Wood-norns

(97 current norns)

Amber Autumn Buffy Carly Catrina Cinderella Elise Daria Eve Felicity
Beavis Bill Billy Bob Carl Congo III Cudd Cujo Dameon Dion
Honey Ivy Janie Jenni Katrina Kristy Leah Lisa Missy Monica
Earl Elliot Elvis Ernie Fred Han Harry Jake Joe Joey
Nala Nancy Nanny Needle Nelly Neptune Pluto Princess Spoon Udeara
Josh Josh II Kevin King Manson Mark Martin Matt Melvin Michael
Vixy Yasmin Alison Amanda Arizona Beautiful Blondy Clare Destiny Indigo
Nick Oz Oz II Phil Prince Ralph Redburn Sparky Stefan Timmy
Kerrin Mary II Mary Noodle Pollyann Quinta Rainbow Sharla Starbright Sugar
Tom Tony Vic Walsh Zohn Freddy Luke