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Creatures 1 which was the most advanced A-Life available to purchase at the time it first came out back in 1996.  Created by a company named Cyberlife which has made several other games such as Petz, Dogz, and others.  Many people that bought Creatures were surprised at it.   At its time it was a shock because the norns (furry little critter) were very advanced for a computer.  It started off with the Norn which is a friendly cute furry creature.  The norns voice is somewhat high pitched and can get very annoying when you first get the game.  Another creature in the world of Albia (a discshaped world) is the Grendel.  A mean green ugly killing machine.  Well it isn't a machine... the Grendel is a creature as well.  The Shee (owners of Albia) left six eggs to hatch and to be brought up on their own in this large world.  The grendel mother was to lay an egg whenever there were no Grendels in the world.

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    In the world of Albia there are many places.  The ocean, garden, treehouse, island, home, and many other places for your norns to play.   Be careful!  If you want your norns to stay save and clean from diseases watch what they eat and try to keep them away from the nearest Grendel.  The norns need plenty of food and sleep to stay healthy.  Carrots from the garden or honey from the bees, just keep your norns happy.  Without sleep your norns may lose interest in other norns and they won't want to breed.

    When norns reach the age of 1 hour and 20 minutes they are adults and are ready to mate with the nearest norn (of the opposite sex of course).   Some norn may be ready to breed before that (underage!) naughty norns.  Don't over crowd your norns with other norns!  If they grow up playing with a large group of norns they won't ever break for sleep or food.  Take them to the side, teach them their vocabulary and then introduce them to others.

    You can even talk to your norns.  Tell them to "Come hand" or "Eat food".  This is where the interacting between the hand (you) and your norns.  If they aren't listening to you give them a little smack on the rear to make them know their doing something wrong.  Don't smack them to many times or their life force may drop.  If your norn does listen, or does something that you want give them a tickle on their head so they know you appreciate what their doing.

    Creatures is kept fun and exciting by fans.  Many people create COBs (Creatures Objects) and utilities to enhance your playing.  Some are helpful, food cobs, and toy cobs.  Others decoration, pictures, and animals.   It doesn't take a genius to create cobs (just someone smarter than me).  You can learn how to make them from various sites around the internet.

    New species have also been created to make Creatures more fun.  Rabbit norns, purple mountain norns, santa norns, wood norns, and many more have been created by not only Cyberlife but also third party creators.

    The Creatures community has grown so large that probably about half of the owners have a webpage (well it seems like it).  People like Miff, Ping, and Lis Morris all have wonderful webpages and are worth seeing.  AGC ( the creatures newsgroups is where people can chat and get help on things having to do with Creatures.

    Creatures is a game for people that enjoy raising a tiny creature to grow up and have kids.  It has many uses.  Trying to get the weirdest looking norn, teaching a child how to raise and care for his own children, norn torture, and just to have fun.  It doesn't have an age limit.  If your 6 or your 50 Creatures is a game for you.

    To find out more go to the Creatures Community page, or find links off of my links page.


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